Arial view of the pond pre-construction

HEMP After

Newly created sand pits and wetlands

HEMP Arial

Arial view of the completed project

Lakeside’s River Park Conservancy

$1.8 Million



Project Description
Located in Lakeside, California, this 85 acre project was sponsored by the Lakeside’s River Park Conservancy. Hanson El Monte Pond was re-shaped so that water from the San Diego River would flow into a man-made inlet.  This reduces downstream flooding while creating new wetlands that will provide natural habitats for birds such as the red winged blackbird.

The sand pit on the south side was graded and sloped so that it become a more natural part of the pond, helping to create the new wetlands.  A “turbidity curtain” was installed  to keep the sand from the sand pits contained and maintained for the wetlands.  Not only did this create a much needed habitat for the wildlife, it adds to the beauty of the nature park.



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